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Sales Letters

7 Sales letter templates.

Prospecting and follow-up letters.

Easy to use, Microsoft Word document.

Sales Letter TemplateThe Sales Letter Guru website offers sales letter templates for use by companies and individuals to communicate with potential customers. The series includes seven letters covering major contact points during the sales process. Visit the sales letter template website and start sending professional sales letters to new prospects. Click here to purchase a sales letter template using a mobile phone. This series of letters allows you to:
  • Prospect For New Customers. Use the prospecting letters to qualify potential customers and define their level of interest.
  • Introduce Yourself. You have a lot to offer prospective customers, but they will never know unless you tell them how your skills and knowledge can help them achieve their goals.
  • Introduce Your Firm. Your company may be just what the prospect needs. If you don't tell them about the company, who will?
  • Ask For Referrals. Your existing customer base holds the potential for you to double or triple your sales. All you have to do is ask for referrals.
  • Follow Up. Every sales communication deserves a follow up regardless of how the prior correspondence was received. Positive or negative - follow up to stay in touch.
  • Product Introduction. Use this special letter formatted exclusively to introduce new products. It could make your phone ring from clients you never suspected.
  • Proposal Cover Letter. Enhance the chances your proposal will be accepted by communicating the value you bring beyond the nuts and bolts of the proposal.



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