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AA-Garages is a website for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, or for those who prefer to hire a contractor. The website offers information covering all aspects of planning, building, remodeling or repairing garages. The subjects covered include:
  • Garage Plans & Planning. The first step is always planning. Use the resources listed to locate garage plans for your particular needs
  • Garage Contractors. If you are adding a garage or enlarging an existing one, you may want to consider hiring an experienced contractor to do the work for you.
  • Garage Doors. Installing or repairing garage doors requires knowledge and experience. Safety is a major concern, and garage door specialists can save the day.
  • Remodeling. Here those who prefer to do-it-yourself can shine. Find all the right tools and materials to create the ideal garage with extra storage and shelving.
  • Home Improvement Loans. For garage additions, consider a home improvement loan to fund the project.
  • Homeowners Insurance. A new garage should be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Shop for the best rates!



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