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Employee Handbook

Employee handbook template.

Custom templates for each state.

Includes a free safety manual template.

Employee Handbook TemplateThe Employee Handbook Store website offers a template for creating an employee handbook in all fifty states. The template covers over 100 employee policy topics, many with multiple options per topic. Also included with each purchase is a free, safety manual template. Visit the Employee Handbook Store website to download these exceptional employee handbook templates and get your business compliant with labor law. The template offered includes:
  • Employment Policies. Equal opportunity, eligibility, familial limitations, part-time, harassment, abuse, employee evaluation, and other policy topics relevant to employment are covered.
  • Policies & Procedures. Guidelines are established for day-to-day operation covering subjects like attendance, work schedules, breaks, dress code, medical issues, payroll schedules, overtime and many other topics.
  • Company Property. Policy is established for use of company vehicles, computers, equipment, facilities, office supplies, telephones and other company property.
  • Benefits. In this section, the topics covered include (but not limited to) group insurance plans, retirement, life insurance, vacations, holidays, Workman's Compensation and options for furthering education.
  • Discipline. Committing to writing policies and procedures for discipline of employees is crucial to maintaining equal treatment of all employees. Be clear about boundaries and consequences for those who do not respect the boundaries.
  • 2 Bonus Documents. Included free with the purchase of the employee handbook template is a drug testing policy and consent form, and a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement.
  • Free Safety Manual. Also included with the purchase is a free safety manual template which includes 31 topics covering safety issues in the workplace.



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