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All About Fishing

Fishing information for all 50 states.

How-to's, lures, techniques and tips.

Bass, crappie, trout, catfish, walleye and others.

FishingThe AA Fishing website includes information on fresh water fishing in each of the 50 states. Each state includes a list of the major fishing lakes along with the species to be found in each. The site also lists fishing guides, publications and organizations by state. A section is devoted for youth fishing in each state as well as articles and photos. Visit the AA Fishing website to help you become a better angler. Here's some of the information you'll find there:
  • Bass Fishing. Learn the life cycle, seasonal transitions and daily migration habits of largemouth and smallmouth bass. Learn which lures to use, the best techniques and how to locate bass on your local fishing waters.
  • Trout Fishing. If you like fishing for trout, you'll enjoy the information presented here. Learn about the various species of trout, their preferred habitat and techniques for catching them.
  • Walleye. If you have cold, deep water in your neck of the woods, there's a good chance walleye lurk there. Learn their habits, what they eat and how to catch them. Walleye is a favorite for table fare!
  • Crappie. Possibly the most popular game fish across the US is the crappie. Black crappie or white crappie are available in most states and are easy enough to catch for anglers of all ages. Learn where and how to catch them in your local waters.
  • Other Species. Find a great deal of information about catfish, salmon, steelhead, striped bass, muskie's, pike, sunfish and other species. Learn where to find them and how to catch them.
  • Lake Information. Major lakes are listed by state with general locations. For each lake there is a list of fish species and the lake size.
  • How-To's, Videos & More. The site is loaded with tips and information to help you become a better angler. Articles are included by local anglers to provide insight for fishing your home lakes.



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