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Find places to go boating.

Boats for sale or rent.

Boat rentals, storage and repairs.

BoatingThe AA boats and boating website includes information on boating and boats in each of the 50 states. Each state includes a list of the lakes and rivers plus boat dealers, repair services and boat rental agents in each state. Visit the AA Boats & Boating website for information about boating near you. Here is some of what you'll find there:

  • Boating Locations. Find places to go boating, listed by state then proximity to cities and major attractions. Get information about various types of watercraft from canoes to large motorized boats.
  • Boat Dealers. Locate boat dealers near you using the US map and state maps. Contact information for boat dealers includes address, city, state, zip code and phone numbers.
  • Family Boats. Learn about options for family boating including deck boats, ski boats and pontoon boats.
  • Fishing Boats. Find information about all types of fishing boats ranging from simple jon boats all the way up to sophisticated bass boats.
  • Boat Rentals. For families that only go boating a few times a year, consider renting a boat. Across the country you'll find rentals for all types of boats from kayaks to houseboats.
  • Boat Storage. Find locations for storing your boat and recommended procedures to prepare the boat for long term storage - especially for winter.
  • Boating Equipment & Accessories. Locate boat motors, repair centers, insurance, accessories, supplies and a host of other helpful information for boaters.



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